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Points to consider when selecting a digital platform


SmartME: Built from the ground up!

A proven track record in the field

You need a software that has experience and is relevant to the project you are trying to implement. The SmartME platform has been built from the ground up using real project experience combined with investment in technical R&D for your project to benefit. We review your projects needs and see if there is a close fit.

A platform that learns and improves as your project develops

You also need a software that has learnt from the challenges with using a digital platform so mistakes are repeated from one project to another. SmartME has been tried and tested specifically for international development projects so it is fit for purpose when project needs are correctly matched. There are many tools and platforms that are generic and are not intended for the international development project context or implemented in an incorrect way. 

A platform that invests in research to understand your context

Additionally, you need a software provider that continually invests in its software development but also provider that invests time in researching your project needs and has experience directly in the field to help you not only today but also as your project develops over the years. 

Adalia continually invests its own funds in technical software R&D to ensure we meet the needs of your project. Through research, redevelopment, and continuous testing we have created a unique platform to help you deliver your project needs. 

A provider that make sure the platform is a right fit for your organisation and project

We always discuss with you the needs of your project to see if it is a great fit. Adalia's SmartME has been build from the ground up to primarily serve your international development project. SmartME has a dedicated team which analyses whether your project is a close fit with the platform so feel free to get in touch to have a conversation. 

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