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3 Reasons Why SmartME Is Easy to Use


SmartME is simple to use and easy to adopt. 

SmartME can significantly increase efficiency, transparency, and accountability and it is also very easy to adopt with the correct approach.

Three reasons why SmartME is easy to use:

1. It’s from the cloud. Anytime. Anywhere. 

SmartME is run from the cloud; there is no software installation or IT management needed.  SmartME is delivered exclusively from the cloud allowing a project to focus on its key activities.

2. Built on experience

The SmartME Global team is continually consults during the early stages of a project's lifecycle to improve project success during the implementation and control phases.

During tendering phases, the team has consulted and designed effective ways for a fund and M&E implementation to be carried out digitally.

3. Dedicated support and training. 

Digital technologies must be implemented with experienced human know-how. Great software platforms alone, cannot guarantee effective project implementation and better outcomes.

The SmartME Global team knows that dedicated support and training is essential to enable better outcomes through digitisation. Providing online tutorials, manuals and demos is simply not enough no matter how good a software platform can be.  On-site training and a dedicated support team are crucial for a project's effective implementation. 

The SmartME team is directly involved in each project to help a project succeed. 

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