Meet the SmartME Companion!
Many projects take place in rural regions where internet connection is not available. Further, some areas are difficult to reach and taking
SmartME growth is speeding up!
SmartME is currently utilised by 54 development programmes, for 131 calls, in 197 countries, by over 26500 users, while our Certified SmartM
New Simple Survey module
For those looking for a simple survey tool, we have introduced the new Simple Survey module. It has SmartME's powerful form builder and a st
SmartME Quality and Security certification
SGS Finland Oy has officially certified Adalia Oy's Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015) as well as for Information Security Managemen
Why More and More Funds Are Going Digital
More and more funds are going digital because there are significant benefits to managing funds digitally. WHAT DOES GOING DIGITAL MEAN?
3 Reasons Why SmartME Is Easy to Use
SmartME is simple to use and easy to adopt.  SmartME can significantly increase efficiency, transparency, and accountability and it is als
Forget the Hype! All You Need Is Excel
There is no question, Excel is truly great! It is ubiquitous, versatile, powerful and not to mention very inexpensive to use in the grand