Newsroom // Why More and More Funds Are Going Digital

Why More and More Funds Are Going Digital


More and more funds are going digital because there are significant benefits to managing funds digitally.


Going digital means managing an entire fund securely from the cloud. All documentation, fund management, project management and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) can be carried out from the cloud.


SmartME is a unique software platform that allows you to manage funds and international development projects from the cloud. Skilled IT experts and development consultants with experience in international development projects deployed SmartME.


1) Optimises Transparency and Visibility 

Going digital gives visibility to all key stakeholders. No need to wait for reports, you can now see progress live. There can be clear visibility throughout the project lifecycle from individual payments to stakeholder and committee meetings. Progress updates and fact sheets can be reported live to the world as they happen.

Increases Accountability

Going digital also increases accountability. Going digital can track and log all activities creating a digital ‘audit trail’ ensuring accountability is embedded within the software platform.

Improves Governance

Transparency and accountability increase the capacity for better governance.

Software platforms designed specifically for international development provides the necessary structure to enhance transparency, accountability and compliance, leading to better governance.

Confidential feedback has shown that SmartME has acted as a clear integrity control mechanism to prevent any opportunity for corruption.

IT experts with experience in international development projects make it possible to manage funds digitally whilst saving a significant amount of resources at the same time.

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